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Christmas gifts for toddler boys featuring The Land of Nod.

The Land of Nod has always had a little sweet spot in my heart, and once they started shipping to Canada DUTY FREE, I fell in love.  If you don’t know what The Land of Nod is, I highly suggest you check out their website immediately after this post!  They are from the same owners of Crate & Barrel selling toys, decor, games, clothing and furniture all for children and babies.  I love the uniqueness of their products – modern but still hold the heirloom feel that I just adore.

Their products fit perfectly within my new blog  mini series ‘An Intentional Holiday’ (which is starting today!).  I love Christmas as much as the next mom (well, maybe a little more..ok, I love Christmas A LOT), but the ‘stuff’ not so much.  I swear we need to purge every year after the Holidays.  I mean, I love gift giving and receiving but sometimes it can be a little too much especially if the stuff isn’t needed or as loved as we thought it would.  This all falls under not being intentional with our gift giving.  We give just to give – searching for the newest and trendiest toy or product without second thought about the intention behind it.  We want to give stuff to show our love and the more we love the more we give.  We have evolved from Santa stockings to Santa sacks.  DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD TAKE TO FILL A SANTA SACK FOR ONE CHILD?!

Every year since Oliver was born I get better with my intentional gift giving.  I start early in the year and slowly purchase items that are needed or will have a long lifespan in our home. Starting early gives me time to think about each gift that I purchase. This year I started Christmas shopping in July.  I started by purchasing two books for Oliver and the game of Twister.  Twister is a wonderful game that grows with your children and is a great party game with friends for a few laughs (and glasses of wine).  Now we are into November, I am almost finished shopping and my pre-Christmas closet holds our gifts.  Is it full?  Not even a little bit, but I’m ok with that.  I don’t need to wait until Black Friday to grab all the deals because I don’t need deals if I do my shopping right.  My credit card is still happy so that makes me happy.


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  1. Toys: How long will it last.  Will he love it for a long time or will he grow tired of it?  Will it break easily?  I cannot stand a house full of toys, even a room full of toys.  We have a small toy basket in Oliver’s room and a smaller one in our living room for his blocks and cars.  He’s happy with that.  We don’t need anything more.  I don’t buy duplicates of what he already has.  If he has dinky cars I don’t buy him more dinky cars.  If he has blocks I don’t buy him the same blocks.  However this year we are growing from his jumbo blocks to lego block so once our lego blocks are delivered from Santa we will give away the jumbo blocks.  If I buy something new it has to be strong and last a few years.  This year I have bought only 4 toys and that includes games.
  2. Clothing:  This is an easy one.  Socks, underwear, 1-2 pairs of pj’s and a sweater.  The socks and underwear act as stocking stuffers as well.
  3. Books: Books are a great alternative gift to toys.  However, you can still buy too many books.  Children have their favourites and don’t care about a library of books.  My favourite place to buy books are Winners, Indigo and the Thrift Store.  I usually get Oliver 1-2 books for Christmas.
  4. Fillers: I call anything that is needed that will need to be purchased in the year as “filler gifts.”  Just something fun to open.  For example, Oliver needs a few more reusable containers for his school lunch.  He will get the these as a Christmas present.  He may not care about them but he will have fun opening it.  These are usually the gifts that my husband and I give to each other.  Blankets, towels, knives. Any item that is a needed purchase but will do as a Christmas gift.
  5. Stocking Stuffers: This is an important one and a topic that I will go over in it’s own post later on.  Stocking stuffers can be the worst for unneeded spending and clutter in your home.  If there is anything that I can stress about being intentional, it would be stocking stuffers.  What do I give as stocking stuffers to a toddler boy?  Here are a few ideas without spoiling the upcoming post.  Socks, underwear, bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, UNO, etc.


Do you have ideas to be more intentional with gift giving this Christmas?  I want to hear them.  Comment below or tag me on one of my social media channels:

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