2017 Christmas Wish List | How I do it


What’s on your Christmas wish list?  I know you have one, we all do!  I love window shopping and ever since I discovered online shopping, I honestly “window” online shop each evening.  I have my nightly routine, checking out Zulily, Sephora, Ebates, and Simons – It’s my guilty pleasure.

This year I collected a few items to a Pinterest board that caught my eye.  I’d go through the board every few months and remove the items that I didn’t really care for.  After months of doing this I created the perfect wish list for myself.  When someone asks me what I want for Christmas I direct them to this board.  Some might think it is selfish, but I honestly disagree.  Especially when we are trying to keep clutter out of our home asking for something that you truly want or need is smart, and the gift giver appreciates it so they aren’t wasting their time and money on something that you don’t want or will never use.

I love using the Pinterest board since it is public and you can send a link, or refer back to it when I need to purchase one of the items from it.  It’s my “visual wish shopping list.”  It helps me not spend money on random things.  I see what I have liked for the longest time and then I work towards purchasing the items throughout the year(s).

I will be starting a Christmas wish list with my son and husband next year.  I think it will work well with birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.


What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

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