What I would register for now for my first baby – One of the most exciting things about being pregnant with your first child (besides hearing that heartbeat for the very first time) is the experience of registering for baby.  Having the ability to hand pick  your very own “wish list” full of amazing items can be oodles of fun, but it can also feel extremely overwhelming.

I remember when I was getting ready to start a registry with Oliver I put in hours and hours of research but still came out feeling lost and overwhelmed.  If I could go back I would register for a fewer items but add products with quality.  Just like every market the baby product market is always evolving and coming out with the next best thing so a lot of these items unfortunately weren’t even available to me 4 years ago.

This isn’t a full registry checklist (that we will save for another day), but key products that I wish I would have had for Oliver when he was little baby.

01. Nuna Sena Playpen

I love the look a fell of this playpen by Nuna.  I believe they come in black, midnight blue and this gorgeous beige colour.  I love the neutral look of the beige.  I first saw this playpen while I was visiting a friend that just had her baby, she couldn’t say anything bad about this playpen.  This has been my #1 item to purchase if or when we decide to have a second child.  It just cannot compare to the other playpens out there!

02. Dock A Tot

This product makes me a little frustrated that it wasn’t around when Oliver was a wee baby.  Considering the lifestyle that we had back then this would have made life so much easier.  I think this product would be perfect for travelling, co-sleeping and afternoon naps.

03. Nuna Leaf Swing

Can you tell I am a Nuna fan?  I am absolutely in love with this swing.  Considering I am a VERY visual person and we had our swing/bouncer for Oliver in the living room 24/7, this sleek and comfortable design is the perfect addition to your “temporary living room decor”

04. Crane Air Drop Humidifier

I had registered for this humidifier on Oliver’s baby registry but received another model.  The other one was super cute and functional but sadly it wouldn’t last the entire night so we had to upgrade to another one.  I still wish I would have just bit the bullet and purchased the Crane humidifier since it was and still is very budget friendly.  It’s minimal design is perfect for any room in the house!

05. Design Dua. Hand Woven Changing Basket

If you are anything like me and love all things handwoven this changing basket is right up our ally.  When I first saw this basket I was so excited but then quickly calmed down since I had no reason to purchase it at this time, but you know, in the future this one will become a nursery staple!

06. Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Loic

I am still a die hard BOB stroller lover since it works beautifully on the rugged trails and cracked sidewalks of our community, but a lady can dream about walking though the mall with this glamourous luxury Uppa Baby stroller.  The leather handle accents are simply gorgeous!


07. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag (Backpack)

As much as I loved the look of my coach diaper bag sometimes a free hand or shoulder is needed and a backpack would have been ideal in so many situations!  This Freshly Picked backpack will certainly be on my list in the future, then to decided.. butterscoth or stone!

08. Skip Hop Convertible High Chair

I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous antique wood high chair that was is perfect condition just as Oliver was growing out of his toddler stage still needing a high chair.  Before that I had registered and received a plastic space saver booster seat, which at the time I thought was ideal and wanted.  It turned out it was more of pain to clean and just looked big and bulky in our tiny kitchen.  Once I moved the booster out and the antique highchair in, I loved the look that it brought to my farmhouse inspired kitchen and it was so easy to clean to boot!  If you can’t find a good quality and SAFE vintage high chair, I would highly recommend the Skip Hop Convertible High Chair.

09. Puj Baby Bath

We bathed Oliver in the sink all the time when he was a baby and even when he was an older baby!  I loved watching him splash around in our kitchen sink!  This Puj baby bath would have been super handy when I was bathing Oliver alone while Ryan was out and needed an extra hand.  I never ended up using the big plastic one very long since it was just a mess, big and bulky which lead to a horrible storage situation.  I love how this Puj bath flattens out nicely and be tucked away.


When it comes to registering, I have a much longer list of favourites, but these items top my list at the moment.  I absolutely love talking about this kind of stuff, and get super excited when people ask my opinion on baby items, so feel free to spam me, with any questions that you might have in the comments!

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